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Entertainment Express
Optical Entertainment Answers.

Here are the answers to the optical illusions.....

1.The elephant has four legs, it just looks like there is more.

2. There are infact two different images in this optical illusion, one of them is a large indian's head, and the other one is an escamo entering a cave.

3. No mader which way you look at this stair case, there are always stairs going up down and all around. Don't ask me which one to take to go either up or down couse I totally don't know.

4. This is another optical illusion that has two different images, one of them is a woman's face, and the other one is a musician playing the saxaphone.

5. Might as well quit couse this is one of those never ending staircases, you'll never reach the top no madder how percistent you are!!

6. The secret of this is is you have to stare into the middle of the image for about 10 seconds then the surroundings of the middle will start to spin.

7. The truth is that there are really no yellow circles its just an illusion.

8. This dude litteraly has the word liar written all over his face!!! if you notice the lineing of his face spells out the word liar.

9. There are a total of 0 black dots in this image.

10. All the lines in this image are going vertical, it just seems that they bend couse of the backround.

11. When this image is upsided it appears to be a duck eating something.
But when you turn it upside down it is a man catching a fin in a boat near a small island that has pawm trees.


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